New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 17-00668/17-F-0182
Matter Number: 17-00668 Case Number: 17-F-0182
Industry Affected: Facility Gen. Company/Organization:
Mohawk Solar LLC
Matter Type: Petition Matter Subtype: Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need
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Document Type: Document Classification Help
Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
15/1/2017 DoctypeLetters DocTitleLetter Regarding PIP Plan FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service2 DocNamePIP Plan - Comments of DPS Staff.pdf DocSize336.77 KB
23/31/2017 DoctypePetitions DocTitlePublic Involvement Program Plan FilingCompanyMohawk Solar LLC1 DocNameHBROC-_3061548-v1-Mohawk_Solar_PIP_3-31-17.pdf DocSize7.62 MB
33/31/2017 DoctypePetitions DocTitleCover Letter FilingCompanyMohawk Solar LLC1 DocNameHBROC-_3061231-v1-Cover_Letter_Mohawk_Solar_PIP_3-31-17.pdf DocSize112.46 KB
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