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- Matter Master: 12-01617/12-E-0343
Matter Number: 12-01617 Case Number: 12-E-0343
Industry Affected: Electric Company/Organization:
Hudson Valley Clean Energy, Inc.
Matter Type: Petition Matter Subtype: Non-Standard
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Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
110/29/2012 DoctypeTariff DocTitleCompliance Filing in Case 12-E-0343: Increase Net Metering Limit FilingCompanyCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation34
210/22/2012 DoctypeOrders DocTitleHudson Valley Clean Energy, Inc., Order Raising Net Metering Limit FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission33 DocName370_12e0343.pdf DocSize36.78 KB
310/19/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleAssemblyman Kevin Cahill submits comments. FilingCompanyNew York State Assembly32 DocNameLetter to PSC regarding net metering and grid modernization.pdf DocSize1.37 MB
410/18/2012 DoctypePress Releases DocTitlePress Release - Central Hudson Customers Can Install More Solar FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service31 DocNamepr12077.pdf DocSize14.71 KB
510/3/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments in Support of the petition of HVCE - REVISED FilingCompanyScenic Hudson, Inc.30 DocName12-e-0343 Revised Comments.pdf DocSize173.06 KB
610/3/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments in support of the petition of HVCE. FilingCompanyScenic Hudson, Inc.29 DocNameLettertoPSC-netmetering.pdf DocSize144.43 KB
710/1/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleNYSERDA Comments FilingCompanyNew York State Energy Research and Development Authority28 DocNameNYSERDA Comments CHGE Net Metering.pdf DocSize86.25 KB
89/28/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleUTC Power submits its comments. FilingCompanyUTC Power27 DocName12-e-0343 Hudson Valley Clean Energy Inc. Petition to Increase Net Energy Metering Cap - Comments of UTC Power.pdf DocSize75.3 KB
99/28/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleACE NY submits comments. FilingCompanyAlliance for Clean Energy New York, Inc26 DocNameACE NY 12E0343.pdf DocSize880.49 KB
108/23/2012 DoctypeLetters DocTitleResponse of Secretary Brilling to Senator Bonacic letter FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service25 DocNameSenator Bonacic response 8.21.12.pdf DocSize84.33 KB
118/20/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleNYS Senator John Bonacic submits the comments of William Miller FilingCompanyNew York State Senate24 DocName12-E-0343 Bonacic.pdf DocSize90.17 KB
128/16/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Town of Woodstock FilingCompanyTown of Woodstock21 DocNameJeremy Wilber 8-10-12.pdf DocSize231.9 KB
138/16/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Senator Saland in support of request regarding the net metering limits set for CHG&E  FilingCompanyNew York State Senate20 DocNamePublic Service Commission-Hudson Valley Clean Energy.pdf DocSize266.22 KB
148/14/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleSunPower submits its comments in support of the petition. FilingCompanySunPower Corporation19 DocName08-G-1305 SunPower letter.pdf DocSize96.35 KB
158/10/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleTerry Gipson, Candidate for NYS Senate, submits comments in support of the HVCE petition. FilingCompanyIndividual18 DocNameEmail Body.pdf DocSize91.89 KB
168/7/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in support of the HVCE petition FilingCompanyCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies16 DocNameCI.pdf DocSize37.09 KB
178/7/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Senator Schumer in support of HVCE petition FilingCompanyUnited States Senate15 DocNameSen. Schumer's Letter.pdf DocSize447.88 KB
188/6/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Vanguard Energy in support of HVCE petition FilingCompanyVanguard Energy14 DocNameVanguard Energy 8-1-12.pdf DocSize392.78 KB
198/6/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of SOLARgeneration, inc. in support of HVCE petition FilingCompanySOLARgeneration, inc.13 DocNameTK.pdf DocSize270.97 KB
208/6/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Lotus Energy is support of HVCE petition FilingCompanyLotus Energy12 DocNameTimothy Carr 7-31-12.pdf DocSize503.98 KB
218/6/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of GreenLogic in support of HVCE petition FilingCompanyGreenLogic LLC11 DocNameMarc Clejan 7-30-12.pdf DocSize653.65 KB
228/3/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Lifebridge Foundation FilingCompanyLifebridge Foundation10 DocNamecomment.pdf DocSize35.88 KB
238/1/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleNew York Senator George D. Maziarz submits Comments in Support of the recent filing made by Hudson Valley Clean Energy. FilingCompanyNew York State Senate9 DocNameHon.G. Maziarz 08-E-1305.pdf DocSize44.43 KB
248/1/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleMGCE submits its comments in support of the HVCE petition. FilingCompanyMountaintop Greene Clean Energy4 DocName12-E-0343 Mountaintop comments.pdf DocSize49.37 KB
257/31/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Environmental Advocates of NY in support of the HVCE petition FilingCompanyEnvironmental Advocates of New York17 DocNameLtr to Secretary 7 30 12.pdf DocSize58.57 KB
267/31/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleSEIA requests to be placed on the Service List in this proceeding. FilingCompanySolar Energy Industries Association5 DocName~4436754.pdf DocSize197.48 KB
277/31/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleSEIA letter in support of the Petition FilingCompanySolar Energy Industries Association5 DocName~9468287.pdf DocSize420.07 KB
287/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComment of Renewable Rochester in support of the HVCE petition FilingCompanyRenewable Rochester3 DocNameNY Central Hudson.pdf DocSize12.37 KB
297/27/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of The Vote Solar Initiative in support of the HVCE petition FilingCompanyThe Vote Solar Initiative8 DocName08-E-1305_CHGE Net Metering Limit_Comments of Vote Solar.pdf DocSize94.74 KB
307/26/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the New York Solar Energy Society FilingCompanyNew York Solar Energy Society7 DocNameNY.pdf DocSize8.84 KB
317/26/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleACENY submits its support for the HVCE petition. FilingCompanyAlliance for Clean Energy New York, Inc2 DocName08-E-1305 CH ACE Net Metering Ltr..pdf DocSize435.97 KB
327/20/2012 DoctypePetitions DocTitlePetition of Hudson Valley Clean Energy, Inc. to Increase Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation's Net Metering Limit FilingCompanyHudson Valley Clean Energy, Inc.1 DocName08-E-1305 PSC HVCE Petition Regarding Central Hudson Net Metering Limit July 2012.pdf DocSize295.81 KB
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