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- Matter Master: 11-02342/11-E-0606
Matter Number: 11-02342 Case Number: 11-E-0606
Industry Affected: Electric Company/Organization:
Dynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.
Matter Type: Petition Matter Subtype: Declaratory Ruling
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Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
19/14/2012 DoctypeDeclaratory Ruling DocTitleDynegy Inc., Franklin Resources, Inc., Dynegy Danskammer, LLC and Dynegy Roseton, LLC, Declaratory Ruling on Review of a Stock Acquisition Transaction FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission14 DocName264_12M0351.pdf DocSize38.65 KB
28/1/2012 DoctypePetitions DocTitleWithdrawl Petition/Substitution of Counsel FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C., Dynegy Roseton, L.L.C.13 DocNameWithdrawal Petition Substitution of Counsel .pdf DocSize161.74 KB
35/25/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleDynegy Danskammer withdrawal of counsel of record FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.11 DocNameCase 11-E-0606 - Withdrawal Letter.PDF DocSize451.34 KB
41/18/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleDonald Stauber submits his method of service form on behalf of Con Edison and O&R. FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.10 DocNameSKMBT_42312011809250.pdf DocSize258.67 KB
51/18/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleDanskammer OL LLC and Roseton OL LLC submit a letter stating their intent not to file comments. FilingCompanyDanskammer OL LLC9 DocNamePSEG_NYPSC_11-E-0606_2012-01-17.pdf DocSize1.06 MB
61/17/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleCon Edison and O&R submit their request to intervene and comments. FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.8 DocNameSKMBT_42312011717350.pdf DocSize463.27 KB
71/17/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComment - PSC Section 70-2v2 FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.8 DocNameComment - PSC Section 70-2v2.pdf DocSize20.93 KB
81/17/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleDynegy Status Update FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.7 DocNameDynegy.pdf DocSize52.69 KB
911/30/2011 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation's Objection to the Petition FilingCompanyCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation6 DocNameCentral Hudson Objection and Schrom Affidavit, Case 11-E-0606, 11-30-2011.pdf - Adobe Acrobat.pdf DocSize3.45 MB
1011/29/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleResponse In Support Of PSEG Services Corporation Request For Extension Of Time To File Comments To Coincide With FERC Comment Deadline on behalf of U.S. Bank National Association FilingCompanyU.S. Bank National Association5 DocNameResponse in Support.pdf DocSize114.4 KB
1111/29/2011 DoctypePetitions DocTitleMethod of Service Form FilingCompanyU.S. Bank National Association5 DocNameMethod of Service Form.pdf DocSize25.21 KB
1211/29/2011 DoctypeRulings DocTitleDynegy Danskammer LLC and Dynegy Roseton LLC, Ruling on Extension Request FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission4 DocName11E0606ExtTimeLtr.pdf DocSize34.78 KB
1311/23/2011 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleRequest for extension of time to file comments FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.3 DocNameOL_request_for_extension_of_time_to_file_comment_11-E-0606_2011-11-23.pdf DocSize388.35 KB
1411/23/2011 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleMethod of Service Form FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.3 DocNameMethod of Service Form.pdf DocSize1.43 MB
1511/16/2011 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleDynegy submits affidavit FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.2 DocName11-E-0606 - 11.16.11 Cover Letter and Affidavit.PDF DocSize782.27 KB
1611/8/2011 DoctypePetitions DocTitlePetition of Dynegy Danskammer. L.L.C. for a Declaratory Ruling or, in the Alternative, Expedited Approval Pursuant to Section 70 of the New York State Public Service Law. FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.1 DocNameCase 11-E-____ - Verified Petition of Dynegy Danskammer, et al. for a Declaratory Ruling 11-8-11.pdf DocSize15.19 MB
1711/8/2011 DoctypePetitions DocTitleMethod of Service Form.pdf FilingCompanyDynegy Danskammer. L.L.C.1 DocNameMethod of Service Form.pdf DocSize527.57 KB
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