New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 18-00646/18-F-0150
Matter Number: 18-00646 Case Number: 18-F-0150
Industry Affected: Facility Gen. Company/Organization:
Circular EnerG, LLC
Matter Type: Petition Matter Subtype: Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need
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Sr.No.Date FiledDocument TypeDocument TitleFiling On Behalf OfItem No.File Name File Size
1 4/12/2018 Comments DPS Staff PIP Comments
New York State Department of Public Service 4 Case 18-F-0150 - Circular EnerG - DPS Staff PIP Comments- 4-12-18.pdf 97.25 KB
2 4/9/2018 Correspondence Concerns about the Public Involvement Program Plan (PIP Plan) filed with the State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment by Circular EnerG, LLC
Town of Geneva 3 Letter to Siting Board Secretary Burgess, 2, 4-9-18.pdf 907.83 KB
3 4/9/2018 Correspondence Response to letter
Spring Meadows, LLC 2 LTT Burgess re. Addition of Spring Meadows as Interest (4-9-18) (H3303601x7A869).pdf 5.86 MB
4 3/13/2018 Petitions Cover Letter
Circular EnerG, LLC 1 PIP cover letter.pdf 192.71 KB
5 3/13/2018 Petitions Circular EnerG PIP
Circular EnerG, LLC 1 Circular enerG PIP.pdf 1.22 MB
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