New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 17-00012/17-W-0049
Matter Number: 17-00012 Case Number: 17-W-0049
Industry Affected: Water Company/Organization:
Bristol Harbour Village Association
Matter Type: Complaint Matter Subtype: 25 or More Customers
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Document Type: Document Classification Help
Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
18/22/2017 DoctypePress Releases DocTitlePublic Statement Hearing Scheduled for Bristol Water Works Corporation FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission7 DocNamepr17062.pdf DocSize250.44 KB
28/9/2017 DoctypeNotices DocTitleNotice of Public Statement Hearing FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission6 DocName17-W-0049 et al Notice of PSH.pdf DocSize104.2 KB
37/27/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of James Bachman FilingCompanyIndividual5 DocName17-W-0049 - Complaint of Property Owner.pdf DocSize34.68 KB
47/24/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Steve Janto FilingCompanyBristol Harbour Village Association4 DocNameComments.pdf DocSize4.28 KB
57/18/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleCover Letter FilingCompanyBristol Harbour Village Association3 DocNameComments of Fred Sarkis.pdf DocSize80.36 KB
67/18/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Fred Sarkis FilingCompanyBristol Harbour Village Association3 DocNameLettertoDanielCameron7-12-17 (1).pdf DocSize107.16 KB
75/25/2017 DoctypeNotices DocTitleNotice of Complaint FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission2 DocName17-W-0049 Notice of Complaint.pdf DocSize46.98 KB
81/3/2017 DoctypeComplaints DocTitleComplaint of Property Owners and Customers of the Bristol Water Works Corporation to Conduct a Survey of Water Usage for Both Commercial and Residential Customers. FilingCompanyBristol Harbour Village Association1 DocNameComplaint.pdf DocSize367.42 KB
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