New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 15-01664/15-E-0560
Matter Number: 15-01664 Case Number: 15-E-0560
Industry Affected: Electric Company/Organization:
Glenwyck Development, LLC
Matter Type: Complaint Matter Subtype: Informal Non-Consumer Related
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Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
13/14/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleNational Grid Comments FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation29 DocNameNational Grid Filing.pdf DocSize35.51 KB
23/13/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleGlenwyck Development Comments FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC28 DocNameSec Burgess Ltr re Glenwyck Comments 3-13-17 FINAL.pdf DocSize355.95 KB
33/13/2017 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of National Grid FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation27 DocNameNational Grid Comments.pdf DocSize41.24 KB
42/2/2017 DoctypeLetters DocTitleFinal RAO Determination 16-05 FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service26 DocNameFinal RAO Determination 16-05.pdf DocSize77.23 KB
51/23/2017 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleErrata Filing FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation25 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - Errata Filing.pdf DocSize26.03 KB
61/23/2017 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleGiliberto (RAO) Ltr re Response to Natl Grid re Confidential Treatment 01-20-17 FINAL FilingCompanyThe Dax Law Firm, P.C.24 DocNameGiliberto (RAO) Ltr re Response to Natl Grid re Confidential Treatment 01-20-17 FINAL.pdf DocSize146.55 KB
71/9/2017 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleCase 15-E-0560 ¿ Statement of Necessity FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation23 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 ¿ Statement of Necessity.pdf DocSize30.4 KB
812/29/2016 DoctypeLetters DocTitletwo-fold letter 12-29-16 FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service22 DocNametwo-fold letter 12-29-16.pdf DocSize48.93 KB
912/22/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Response to Trade Secret Opposition FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation21 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Response to Trade Secret Opposition.pdf DocSize106.88 KB
1012/21/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleGiliberto (RAO) Ltr re Natl Grid Trade Secret Protection Request 12-21-16 FINAL FilingCompanyThe Dax Law Firm, P.C.20 DocNameGiliberto (RAO) Ltr re Natl Grid Trade Secret Protection Request 12-21-16 FINAL.pdf DocSize185.93 KB
1112/16/2016 DoctypeOrders DocTitleOrder Approving Tariff Amendments FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission19 DocName373_15e0560 Final Order.pdf DocSize145.62 KB
1212/15/2016 DoctypeMotions DocTitleRequest for exception from disclosure FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation18 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Trade Secret Request.pdf DocSize23.49 KB
1312/15/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleNational Grid Implementation Plan FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation17 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Implementation Plan.pdf DocSize120.43 KB
1411/28/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleResponse to the Submittal dated November 28, 2016 by Niagara Mohawk FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC16 DocNamePSC Ltr re Interest on Paym Under Glenwyck Order FINAL.pdf DocSize173.28 KB
1511/28/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleFollow Up on November 15, 2016 Letter FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation15 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Letter (11-28-16).pdf DocSize24.13 KB
1611/22/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleLetter Regarding Tariff Filing FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation14 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - Letter Regarding Tariff Filing.pdf DocSize21.15 KB
1711/22/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleLetter to National Grid FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC13 DocNameNatl Grid (Krueger) Ltr re Glenwyck Paym - FINAL w-Attmt.pdf DocSize266.54 KB
1811/21/2016 DoctypeTariff DocTitleCase 15-E-0560 - Further Revisions to compliance filing FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation12
1911/21/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleLetter of Glenwyck Development FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC11 DocNameLtr re Dax Comments re Natl Grid Tariff Filing - FINAL.pdf DocSize211.44 KB
2011/16/2016 DoctypeTariff DocTitleCase 15-E-0560- Compliance Filing - Complaint of Glenwyck Development FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation10
2111/15/2016 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleNiagara Mohawk's letter regarding complaint FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation9 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - Confirmation Letter.pdf DocSize81.91 KB
2210/17/2016 DoctypeOrders DocTitleOrder Granting Relief and Ordering Tariff Changes FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission8 DocName361_15e0560.pdf DocSize104.68 KB
2312/7/2015 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleResponse to letter submitted by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation. FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC7 DocNameSec Burgess (PSC) Ltr re 15-E-0560 Response to Natl Grid 12-7-15 FINAL.pdf DocSize258.7 KB
2412/4/2015 DoctypeComments DocTitleNational Grid Reply FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation6 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Reply.pdf DocSize27.55 KB
2512/2/2015 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleLetter in Reply to the Response of Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC5 DocNameLetter in Reply to the Response of Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.pdf DocSize56.84 KB
2611/30/2015 DoctypeComments DocTitleNational Grid Response FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation4 DocNameNational Grid Response.pdf DocSize52.46 KB
2710/13/2015 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleReply Letter of Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation3 DocNameCase 15-E-0560 - National Grid Reply.pdf DocSize21.87 KB
2810/13/2015 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleLetter regarding Complaint of Glenwyck Development, LLC against Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC2 DocNameSec Burgess (PSC) Ltr re Case Status of Complaint 10-13-15 FINAL.pdf DocSize86.64 KB
298/3/2015 DoctypeComplaints DocTitleComplaint of Glenwyck Development, LLC Against Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid Concerning Underground Residential Distribution Provisions Contained in Rule 16 of PSC Tariff No. 220. FilingCompanyGlenwyck Development, LLC1 DocNameSec Burgess (PSC) Ltr re Complaint 8-3-15 w-Exhibits FINAL.pdf DocSize8.05 MB
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