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- Matter Master: 13-02006
Matter Number: 13-02006 Case Number:
Industry Affected: Electric Company/Organization:
New York State Department of Public S
Matter Type: Petition Matter Subtype: Non-Standard
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Document Type: Document Classification Help
Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
110/2/2013 DoctypePress ReleasesPress Release - DPS Recommends Approval of LIPA Contract with PSEG and Releases Management and Operations Audit FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission12 DocNamepr13068.pdf DocSize30.68 KB
29/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceLetter from PSEG Long Island to DPS FilingCompanyPSEG Long Island9 DocNamePSEG LI DPS.pdf DocSize839.58 KB
39/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceFiling Letter to Amended OSA FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority8 DocNameDPSSubmission.OSA.FINAL..pdf DocSize112.2 KB
49/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceExhibit C FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority7 DocNameDPSSubmission.ExhibitC.pdf DocSize75.71 KB
59/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceExhibit A FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority6 DocNameDPSSubmission.ExhibitA.pdf DocSize653.78 KB
69/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceAppendices FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority5 DocNameDPSSubmission.Appendices.pdf DocSize2.49 MB
79/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceAppendix 14 FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority4 DocNameAppendix 14.FINAL.pdf DocSize3.49 MB
89/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceAppendix 7 - PSM Agreement FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority3 DocNameAppendix 7 PSM Agreement (redacted).pdf DocSize570.38 KB
99/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceAppendix 7 - Fuel Management Agrmt FilingCompanyLong Island Power Authority2 DocNameAppendix 7 Fuel Management Agrmt (redacted).pdf DocSize379.77 KB
109/27/2013 DoctypeCorrespondenceReview and Recommendation of the LIPA Audit FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission1 DocNameFinal Review and Recommendation of the LIPA Audit.pdf DocSize3.25 MB
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