New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 11-01425/12-F-0036
Matter Number: 11-01425 Case Number: 12-F-0036
Industry Affected: Facility Gen. Company/Organization:
All Electric Companies
Matter Type: Rulemaking Matter Subtype: Amendment to 16 NYCRR
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Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
12/7/2013 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleThe Jefferson County Board of Legislators submits its resolution No. 166 that was adopted on September 6, 2011. FilingCompanyCounty of Jefferson141 DocNameResolutionCoJefferson.pdf DocSize67.47 KB
27/17/2012 DoctypeMemorandum and Resolution DocTitleMemorandum and Resolution Adopting Article 10 Regulations FilingCompanyNew York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment140 DocName12f0036 Memorandum and Resolution.pdf DocSize422.84 KB
37/10/2012 DoctypeTranscripts DocTitleTranscript - Tuesday, July 10, 2012 10:30 a.m. Meeting of the NYS Board on Electric Siting and the Environment FilingCompanyNew York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment142 DocNamePSC NYS Board on Electric Siting and the Environment signed.pdf DocSize489.09 KB
46/29/2012 DoctypeNotices DocTitleIn the Matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16 NYCRR, Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities, Notice of Meeting FilingCompanyNew York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment139 DocName12f0036_Notice of Meeting.pdf DocSize81.23 KB
56/28/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleTown of Richland submits its concerns regarding the new legislation. FilingCompanyTown of Richland138 DocSize86.37 KB
66/20/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleCopy of NYS DEC - FERC document FilingCompanyIndividual87 DocNameSupplemental Proof.pdf DocSize152.94 KB
76/20/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleAlice Sokolow submits additional information. FilingCompanyIndividual87 DocNamecomment.pdf DocSize34.04 KB
86/19/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleResolution Opposing Article X FilingCompanyTown of Richfield57 DocName~5756899.pdf DocSize68.59 KB
96/18/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleAlice Sokolow submits link to Institute for Energy Research study regarding emissions considerations of wind projects. FilingCompanyGeneral Public86 DocNamecomment.pdf DocSize108.02 KB
106/18/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleSupplemental comments of the Town of Malone FilingCompanyTown of Malone77 DocNameTown of Malone comments 6-15-12.pdf DocSize904.41 KB
116/15/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleThe Town of Lyme submits comments in opposition.. FilingCompanyTown of Lyme55 DocNameLyme Comments.pdf DocSize75.95 KB
126/15/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleThe Town of Fenner submits comments in opposition. FilingCompanyTown of Fenner54 DocSize113.88 KB
136/15/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleOswego County Legislature submits comments and resolution in opposition to the draft regulations. FilingCompanyOswego County Legislature53 DocNameArticle 10 Letter and Resolution.pdf DocSize303.99 KB
146/15/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleThe Town of Cape Vincent submits additional comments. FilingCompanyTown of Cape Vincent52 DocNameCape Vincent PSC Supplemental 15JUN12.pdf DocSize3.75 MB
156/14/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleResolution FilingCompanyCounty of Madison51 DocNameMadison County BOS Resolution 537-11 12.28.11.pdf DocSize129.55 KB
166/14/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Madison County FilingCompanyCounty of Madison51 DocNameSigned Madison County Letter.pdf DocSize79.63 KB
176/13/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Town of Litchfield FilingCompanyTown of Litchfield58 DocNameTL.pdf DocSize606.61 KB
186/12/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleThe Town of Stafford Board submits comments FilingCompanyTown of Stafford50 DocNameLetter_Article_10.pdf DocSize78.59 KB
196/9/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Alice Sokolow FilingCompanyIndividual59 DocNameAS.pdf DocSize41.18 KB
206/8/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Marion Labincki FilingCompanyIndividual49 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize3.35 KB
216/5/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleTown of Ontario submits Comments FilingCompanyTown of Ontario48 DocNameHome Rule Letter to Gov. Cuomo.pdf DocSize33.41 KB
226/1/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Town of Malone FilingCompanyTown of Malone47 DocNameTown of Malone comments 5-31-12.pdf DocSize9.23 MB
235/31/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleAssembly Members Kevin A. Cahill - Chair Assembly Standing Committee on Energy, Robert K. Sweeney - Chair Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation and Charles D. Lavine -Assembly Chair Administrative Regulations Review Commission submit their comments. FilingCompanyNew York State Assembly46 DocNameAssembly ltr..pdf DocSize394.42 KB
245/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Barbara Massoud FilingCompanyIndividual60 DocNameBM.pdf DocSize41.03 KB
255/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Charles Ebbing FilingCompanyIndividual43 DocNameCharles Ebbing Comments Corrected 5-30-2012.pdf DocSize519.98 KB
265/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Doug Whitfield pursuant to notice FilingCompanyIndividual42 DocName12-F-0036 Article X Comments - Doug Whitfield.pdf DocSize170.71 KB
275/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleSupplemental comments of Iberdrola Renewables FilingCompanyIberdrola Renewables, LLC38 DocNameArticle_X_PSC_5_29_12.pdf DocSize131.65 KB
285/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleHester chase submits comments pursuant to notice FilingCompanyIndividual37 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize37.4 KB
295/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleJack Palminteri submits comments pursuant to notice FilingCompanyIndividual36 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize7.74 KB
305/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Michael Massoud pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyIndividual33 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize4.17 KB
315/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Dale Connor pursuant to notice FilingCompanyIndividual32 DocName12-F-0036 Connor Article X letter.pdf DocSize63.31 KB
325/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Brooks Bragdon pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyIndividual31 DocName12-F-0036 Bragdon PSC Letter.pdf DocSize12.39 KB
335/30/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest and the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance FilingCompanyNew York City Environmental Justice Alliance, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest27 DocNameNYLPI NYCEJA Comments to DPS Proposed Regs 5-29-12.pdf DocSize54.08 KB
345/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Sharon Rossiter FilingCompanyIndividual137 DocNameSR.pdf DocSize41.58 KB
355/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Mary and Del Hamilton FilingCompanyIndividual136 DocNameMH.pdf DocSize3.57 MB
365/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Alan Isselhard FilingCompanyIndividual135 DocNameAI.pdf DocSize43.34 KB
375/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Marshall Hollander FilingCompanyIndividual134 DocNameMHollander.pdf DocSize24.98 KB
385/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Nancy Wahlstrom FilingCompanyIndividual133 DocNameNW.pdf DocSize41.92 KB
395/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleSupplemental Information FilingCompanyFinger Lakes Preservation Association132 DocNameAC2.pdf DocSize689.52 KB
405/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Finger Lakes preservation Association FilingCompanyFinger Lakes Preservation Association132 DocNameAC.pdf DocSize7.92 KB
415/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Advocates for Springfield FilingCompanyAdvocates for Springfield131 DocNameAS.pdf DocSize126.06 KB
425/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Daniel Wing FilingCompanyIndividual130 DocNameDW.pdf DocSize54.55 KB
435/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of COAX FilingCompanyCoalition on Article X129 DocNameCOAX.pdf DocSize201.83 KB
445/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of David Salvatore FilingCompanyIndividual128 DocNameDS.pdf DocSize188.51 KB
455/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Ebbing Acoustics FilingCompanyEbbing Acoustics127 DocNameCE.pdf DocSize694.64 KB
465/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of AES Energy Storage FilingCompanyAES Energy Storage, LLC126 DocNameAES.pdf DocSize1.06 MB
475/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Citizen Power Alliance FilingCompanyCitizen Power Alliance125 DocNameMB.pdf DocSize111.02 KB
485/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of NextEra Energy Resources FilingCompanyNextEra Energy Resources, LLC124 DocNameNE.pdf DocSize4.36 MB
495/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Dr. Alice Sokolow FilingCompanyIndividual123 DocNameAS.pdf DocSize249.36 KB
505/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of L. Weaver FilingCompanyIndividual122 DocNameLW.pdf DocSize19.44 KB
515/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComment of the Town of Naples Supervisor FilingCompanyTown of Naples121 DocNameJC.pdf DocSize26.74 KB
525/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Dooley Kiefer FilingCompanyIndividual120 DocNameDK.pdf DocSize35.38 KB
535/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Sheila Salvatore FilingCompanyIndividual118 DocNameSS.pdf DocSize144.68 KB
545/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Joseph Giaquinto FilingCompanyIndividual66 DocNameJG.pdf DocSize28.99 KB
555/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Frank Giaquinto FilingCompanyIndividual65 DocNameFG.pdf DocSize29.1 KB
565/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Mary Giaquinto FilingCompanyIndividual64 DocNameMG.pdf DocSize26.43 KB
575/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Jonathan Hirschey FilingCompanyIndividual63 DocNameJH.pdf DocSize25.48 KB
585/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleGE Study Excerpts FilingCompanyIndividual62 DocNameGE Study Excerpts.pdf DocSize21.47 KB
595/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Michael Herzog FilingCompanyIndividual62 DocNameMH.pdf DocSize46.94 KB
605/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Donna Essegian FilingCompanyIndividual61 DocNameDE.pdf DocSize16.28 KB
615/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleThe St. Lawrence County Planning Office submits comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyThe St. Lawrence County Planning Office45 DocSize243.11 KB
625/29/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleThe Association of Towns submits its request for a 30 day extension of time to file comments. FilingCompanyAssociation of Towns44 DocName12-F-0036 Extension request.pdf DocSize48.24 KB
635/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Marshall D. Hollander FilingCompanyIndividual41 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize13.79 KB
645/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleRidgeline Energy submits comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyRidgeline Energy LLC39 DocNameRLE_Comments to the New York Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment Case 12-F-0036.pdf DocSize365.24 KB
655/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of COAX pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyCoalition on Article X35 DocName12-F-0036 COAX Letter to PSC 05-28-2012 FINAL.pdf DocSize200.75 KB
665/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleInvenergy submits comments pursuant to notice FilingCompanyInvenergy Wind LLC30 DocName12-F-0036Invenergy Letter on Article X 2012-05-29 final.pdf DocSize29.07 KB
675/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleCon Edison submits comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.29 DocName12-F0036 Con Edison Comments on Article X.pdf DocSize441.66 KB
685/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the BP Wind Energy North America Inc. FilingCompanyBP Wind Energy North America Inc.28 DocNameBPWENA comments on Article 10_final.pdf DocSize157.21 KB
695/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleLA Group submits its comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyThe LA Group, P.C.26 DocName12-F-0036 LA Group comment.pdf DocSize57.52 KB
705/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleEEANY submits its comments regarding the proposed regulations pursuant to the 3/23/12 notice. FilingCompanyEnvironmental Energy Alliance of New York25 DocName12-F-0036 EEANY Article Ten Comment May 29 2012.pdf DocSize298.4 KB
715/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Scenic Hudson regarding Article X FilingCompanyScenic Hudson, Inc.24 DocNameComments on Article X proposed regulations.pdf DocSize656.58 KB
725/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleCon Edison's comments on the proposed regulations by the Board on Electric Siting and the Environment to implement new Article X FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.23 DocNameCon Edison Comments on Article X.pdf DocSize446.07 KB
735/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the City of New York FilingCompanyCity of New York22 DocNameNYC Comments Article X_final.pdf DocSize387.96 KB
745/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleRiverkeeper Article 10 Regulations Comments FilingCompanyRiverkeeper, Inc.21 DocName~2038311.pdf DocSize5.35 MB
755/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleSenator Patty Ritchie submits Comments on electric generation siting. FilingCompanyNew York State Senate20 DocNameComments electric generation siting.pdf DocSize462.38 KB
765/29/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleNational Grid Comments on Article 10 FilingCompanyNational Grid USA19 DocName~7401013.pdf DocSize1.12 MB
775/28/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitlePDF of letter - Johnson Comments FilingCompanyIndividual34 DocName12-F-0036 Johnson Comment.pdf DocSize36.71 KB
785/28/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComents of Valerie Johnson and Robert Pandina pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyIndividual34 DocNameEMail Body.pdf DocSize5.69 KB
795/27/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the Town of Hammond FilingCompanyTown of Hammond119 DocNameTH.pdf DocSize342.74 KB
805/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Wind Power Ethics Group LLC FilingCompanyWind Power Ethics Group LLC117 DocNameSB.pdf DocSize18.59 KB
815/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Larry Frigault FilingCompanyIndividual116 DocNameLF.pdf DocSize51.09 KB
825/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Rex and Dawn Seamon FilingCompanyIndividual114 DocNameRS.pdf DocSize7.47 KB
835/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleCohocton Wind Watch submits comments FilingCompanyCohocton Wind Watch69 DocNameCWW.pdf DocSize26.59 KB
845/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Robert Spreter FilingCompanyIndividual68 DocNameRS.pdf DocSize24.87 KB
855/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Kathryn A. Hludzenski FilingCompanyIndividual67 DocNameKH.pdf DocSize28.89 KB
865/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Carol Frigault pursuant to notice FilingCompanyIndividual40 DocNameArticle X letter.pdf DocSize112.08 KB
875/25/2012 DoctypeRulings DocTitleIn the Matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16 NYCRR, Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities, Ruling on Extension Request FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission18 DocName12-F-0036 Extension 5.25.pdf DocSize38 KB
885/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleBeveridge & Diamond submits their comments regarding the Siting Board¿s proposed regulations. FilingCompanyBeveridge & Diamond P.C.17 DocName2012-05-24 S. Gordon to S. Brilling re Comments on Proposed Article 10 Regulations.PDF DocSize161.85 KB
895/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleTown of Cape Vincent submits comments. FilingCompanyTown of Cape Vincent16 DocNameComments of Cape Vincent.pdf DocSize145.84 KB
905/25/2012 DoctypeCorrespondence DocTitleAttorney Gary A. Abraham submits his request for a 30 day extension and support for previous requests regarding time to file comments. FilingCompanyIndividual15 DocNameGAA ltr. to PSC 5-25-12.pdf DocSize1.16 MB
915/25/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleIndependent Power Producers of New York submit comments pursuant to notice of proposed rulemaking issued 3/27/12. FilingCompanyIndependent Power Producers of New York, Inc.14 DocName12-F-0036-Comments-5-15-12.pdf DocSize7.67 MB
925/24/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of the St. Lawrence Planning Office FilingCompanyThe St. Lawrence County Planning Office115 DocNameJP.pdf DocSize227.46 KB
935/24/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Daniel Sullivan FilingCompanyIndividual113 DocNameDS.pdf DocSize30.01 KB
945/24/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Nate Seamon FilingCompanyIndividual112 DocNameNS.pdf DocSize34.05 KB
955/24/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Citizen Power Alliance FilingCompanyCitizen Power Alliance111 DocNameCPA.pdf DocSize24.45 KB
965/22/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Advocates for Springfield FilingCompanyAdvocates for Springfield110 DocNameAS.pdf DocSize2.41 MB
975/22/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Charles Newell FilingCompanyIndividual109 DocNameCN.pdf DocSize20.66 KB
985/22/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Jack Palmenteri FilingCompanyIndividual108 DocNameJP.pdf DocSize379.49 KB
995/22/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Citizen Power Alliance FilingCompanyCitizen Power Alliance70 DocNameCPA.pdf DocSize29.6 KB
1005/16/2012 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Patricia Henderson FilingCompanyIndividual107 DocNamePH.pdf DocSize79.82 KB
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