New York State Department of Public Service

- Matter Master: 09-01287/09-M-0544
Matter Number: 09-01287 Case Number: 09-M-0544
Industry Affected: Miscellaneous Company/Organization:
All companies
Matter Type: Rulemaking Matter Subtype: Amendment to 16 NYCRR
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Sr.No.Date Filed Document Type Document Title Filing On Behalf Of Filing No. File Name  File Size
12/22/2011 DoctypeMemorandum and Resolution DocTitleRules and Regulations of the Public Service Commission, Memorandum and Resolution Adopting Amendments to 16 NYCRR Chapters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII snd VIII FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission12 DocName265_09m0544 Memorandum and Resolution.pdf DocSize312.25 KB
22/4/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleTime Warner submits its comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyTime Warner Cable11 DocSize43.88 KB
31/31/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleCover letter FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.10 DocName09-M-0544 Filing Letter 01-31-11.pdf DocSize21.15 KB
41/31/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. and Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. FilingCompanyConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.10 DocName09-M-0544 CE O&R FINAL Comments 01-31-11.pdf DocSize120.96 KB
51/31/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleVerizon New York Inc.'s Comments on the 11/30/10 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking FilingCompanyVerizon New York Inc.9 DocNameVZ Comments re E-Filing NPRM.pdf DocSize108.47 KB
61/31/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitletw telecom submits letter of support of the proposed amendments FilingCompanytw telecom of New York l.p.8 DocName09-M-0544 Brilling letter re electronic filing 1-28-11.pdf DocSize95.08 KB
71/27/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleComments of New York State Electric & Gas Corporation and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation pursuant to the Commission's proposed amendments to 16 NYCRR. FilingCompanyNew York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation7 DocName2011-01-27 LTR_Brilling_Case 09-M-0544 Comments of NYSEG and RG&E 16NYCRR.pdf DocSize47.83 KB
81/26/2011 DoctypeComments DocTitleNYS Assembly Member Roann Destito submits her comments pursuant to notice. FilingCompanyNew York State Assembly6 DocSize132.55 KB
911/30/2010 DoctypeNotices DocTitleProposed Amendments to Chapter I, Subchapters A, C and G, Chapter II, Subchapters A and G, Chapter III, Subchapters A and G, Chapter IV, Subchapters C and G, Chapter V, Subchapters A and F, Chapter VI, Subchapters A, E and F, Chapter VII, Subchapters C and D, and Chapter VIII, Subchapter B, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission5 DocName268_09m0544_Rulemaking Session ItemOHADRcorrections.pdf DocSize305.42 KB
107/22/2009 DoctypeComments DocTitleNational Grid submits comments. FilingCompanyNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation4 DocName09-M-0544 NationalGrid Comments.pdf DocSize66.1 KB
117/10/2009 DoctypeNotices DocTitleNotice of Draft Proposed Regulation Changes FilingCompanyNew York State Department of Public Service3 DocNameproposed regs draft.pdf DocSize88.71 KB
127/10/2009 DoctypeNotices DocTitleIn the Matter of Rules and Regulations of the Public Service Commission, Contained in 16 NYCRR parts 1-6, 8 and 17 to Incorporate References to Electronic Filing, Distribution and Issuance of Documents. FilingCompanyPublic Service Commission2 DocName09M0544_Notice_Re_Document_Filing_71009.pdf DocSize10.91 KB
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