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 CaseOrMatterNumber17-W-0293 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMinor rate5/23/2017 MatterTitleProceeding on Motion of the Commission as to the Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations of Bristol Water Works Corporation for Water Service. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber17-W-0010 MatterTypePetition MatterSubTypeNon-Standard1/6/2017 MatterTitlePetition of Bristol Water-Works Corporation to Defer Extraordinary Water Main Leak Repair Costs Over and Above the Level Last Established in Rates. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber16-W-0074 MatterTypePetition MatterSubTypeAcquisition or Transfer of Securities2/10/2016 MatterTitlePetition of Bristol Water-Works Corporation, David M. Flaum, E. Philip Saunders, Douglas G. Weins, Greg M. Mulhern, Bristol Harbour Resort Management LLC, Laura L. Cook and Todd D. Cook for Approval of Stock Acquisition. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber08-W-1272 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMini rate10/27/2008 MatterTitleMinor Rate Filing of Bristol Water Works Corporation to Increase its Annual Water Revenues by $38,542 or 42.5%. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber06-W-1546 MatterTypeComplaint MatterSubType25 or More Customers12/18/2006 MatterTitleComplaint of Bristol Harbour Condominiums to Investigate the Metering and Billing Practices of Bristol Water Works Corporation. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber03-W-1175 MatterTypePetition MatterSubTypeLoan8/19/2003 MatterTitlePetition of Bristol Water Works Corporation to Finance Approximately $156,500 through a three year bank loan in Order to Replace Water Treatment Pumps, Upgrade Piping and Renovate its Water Storage Tank. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber03-W-1172 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMini rate8/19/2003 MatterTitleRequest filed by Bristol Water Works Corporationfor a special monthly assessment of approximately $4,606 to support a three year bank loan. MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
 CaseOrMatterNumber98-W-1040 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeNew Schedule7/8/1998 MatterTitleNew Tariff Schedule, P.S.C. No. 3 - Water, to Convert to an Electronic Filing System, Filed by Bristol Water Works Corporation, Which Includes a One-Time Surcharge Related to Capital Plant Improvements MatterCompaniesBristol Water Works Corporation
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