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 CaseOrMatterNumber15-W-0515 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMinor rate9/9/2015 MatterTitleMinor Rate Filing of Windham Ridge Water Corp. to Increase its Annual Revenues by about $15,059 or 24.8%. MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber12-W-0278 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeStatements6/14/2012 MatterTitleTariff Filing by Windham Ridge Water Corp. for approval of Escrow Account Statement No. 2 MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber06-W-1470 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMini rate12/4/2006 MatterTitleMinor rate filing of Windham Ridge Water Corp. to increase its annual revenues by about $10,011. or 19.6% and adopt a new electronic tariff schedule - P.S.C. No. 1 - Water. The company also proposes to change its rate structure from a flat rate billed in advance to a rate structure based on a service charge, with no water allowance, billed in advance and a usage rate billed in arrears. MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber01-W-1906 MatterTypeCommission Instituted New Case Proceeding MatterSubTypeNEW Case Proceeding: Nonrate12/11/2001 MatterTitleProceeding on Motion of the Commission as to the Acts and Practices and Adequacy of Service Provided by the Windham Ridge Water Corp. and Windy Ridge Corp. MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber99-W-0068 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeRevision1/4/1999 MatterTitleRate Filing by Windham Ridge Water Corp. to Increase Its Annual Revenues by about $16,488 or 34% and to Establish a Small Commercial & General Use Rate under S.C. No. 1 MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber98-W-1060 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeRevision7/14/1998 MatterTitleTariff Filing of Windham Ridge Water Corp. to Establish a New Rate Under Service Classification No. 1 Applicable to the Spruce Hill Residential Townhouses MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber97-W-0081 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeNew Schedule1/1/1997 MatterTitleNew Tariff Schedule, P.S.C. No. 2 - Water, and Rate Increase of $25,484 in Annual Revenues or 37%, Filed by Windham Ridge Water Corp. MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber94-W-0694 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeRevision8/26/1994 MatterTitleOrdinary Tariff Filing of Windham Ridge Water Corp. to propose a minimum charge for customers who terminate and restore service within a year. MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
 CaseOrMatterNumber90-W-0104 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeNew Schedule2/7/1990 MatterTitleMinor Tariff Filing of New Water Company for New Schedule (Windham Ridge Water Corp.) MatterCompaniesWindham Ridge Water Corp.
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