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 CaseOrMatterNumber18-W-0382 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMinor rate6/15/2018 MatterTitleMinor Rate Filing of Dudley Water Supply, Inc. to Increase its Annual Revenues by about $14,538 or 33.56%. MatterCompaniesDudley Water Supply, Inc.
 CaseOrMatterNumber98-W-0761 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeNew Schedule5/8/1998 MatterTitleNew Tariff Schedule, P.S.C. No. 4 - Water, to Convert to the Electronic Filing System, Filed by Dudley Water Supply, Inc. MatterCompaniesDudley Water Supply, Inc.
 CaseOrMatterNumber97-W-0092 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeNew Schedule1/16/1997 MatterTitleNew Tariff Schedule P.S.C. No. 3 - Water, Filed by Dudley Water Supply, Inc., Which Includes an Increase to its Restoration of Service Charge. MatterCompaniesDudley Water Supply, Inc.
 CaseOrMatterNumber92-W-0182 MatterTypeTariff MatterSubTypeMini rate2/24/1992 MatterTitleMinor Rate Filing of Dudley Water Supply to Increase its Annual Water Revenues by about $ 10,495.00 or 35.15 %.  MatterCompaniesDudley Water Supply, Inc.
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