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Date FiledDocument TypeDocument TitleFiling On Behalf OfCase/MatterFiling No.File Name File Size
5/18/2015 Orders Order Determining Revenue Requirement
Public Service Commission 14-W-0552 7 461_14w0552.pdf 55 KB
3/25/2015 Orders Further Postponement Regarding Tariff Filing
Public Service Commission 14-W-0552 6 14W0552 Further Postponement.pdf 10 KB
2/24/2015 Orders Postponement of tariff filing
Public Service Commission 14-W-0552 4 14W0552 Postponement.pdf 10 KB
5/23/2008 Orders Windemere Highlands, Inc., Order Regarding Tariff Filing
Public Service Commission 08-W-0139 1 1-463_08W0139.pdf 61 KB
1/29/1999 Orders Windemere Highlands, Inc. Approval of financing schedules, quarterly surchange and a rate increase.
Public Service Commission 98-W-1191 1 1-doc5362.pdf 13 KB
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